Maximillian Frimmer
Maximillian Frimmer
Mar 21
Reminder template: The first kind reminder to the debtor

Reminder template: The first kind reminder to the debtor

Below you will find the reminder template that I myself have had the most success with.The text is relatively formal and can be used for both consumers and businesses. If your customersare private (or you have a relationship with the customer), you can advantageously make the texta little more informal.

It's always a good idea to personalize your content:

Subject: Reminder of non-payment

Dear <insert customer name>

My accountant has just informed me that we have not received payment for our invoice <insert invoice number>, which was due on the <insert due date>.

I just want to make sure that you have received our invoice, which you will find attached to thisemail.

I look forward to your payment of <invoice amount> as soon as possible. The amount can betransferred to <insert account + reg> or paid online here <insert link for online payment>

If you have questions about submitted invoices, please contact me as soon as possible. Should yourdeposit have crossed this email, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours sincerely

<insert your signature>

Other inspiration about reminder templates

Google is your friend when it comes to finding inspiration for writing reminder messages.

An overview of our recommended reminder process can be found below:

If your friendly follow-ups have not led to a payment or installment plan from your customer, you should not hesitate to send a reminder with a reminder fee of DKK 100.

Although it may seem a bit harsh, I would definitely recommend that you go from the very informal follow-up to an actual recovery already 5 days after due date. Remember that the probability of receiving payment has already decreased by 5%, and that every day you hesitate both costs you liquidity and reduces the probability of receiving payment.