You run your business.
We automate your bookkeeping.

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Invoice customers, pay bills and manage your business on the go. Likvido is the all-in-one financial platform your business needs.

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Pay on the Go

Low monthly investment

We automate all of your financial paperwork for a fixed monthly fee. Save 25-50% over traditional accounting.

Stay in control

Save time

Automate your financial paperwork, no manual data entry or bank reconciliation, and no more chasing of customers.

Get paid faster

Stay in control

Discover essential business insights in seconds via real time dashboards and crystal clear reporting.

Invoice customers

Create beautiful sales invoices in seconds. We reconcile incoming payments, chase customers paying late, and provide you with a real-time overview of outstanding invoices.

Get paid sooner

With automated personalised invoice reminders

Save time

By automating accounts receivables

Happy customers

We make it easier for your customers to pay you

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More control

Via customized approval processes so you keep 100% control

No manual payments

We integrate with your bank and process payments for you

No data entry

We capture all data for your bank and bookkeeping

Pay bills in seconds

You simply forward a bill, we capture the data, automate the payment, and sync everything with your accounting ledger.You keep in control via smart approval processes.

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Accounting experts in your corner

Combine our software with a dedicated bookkeeper taking care of VAT, yearly financial statements and advanced reporting

Tax season, minus stress

We take care of VAT and tax filings for you

End-of-year statements

We prepare the yearly statements for you

Powerful reporting

Make smarter decisions with your money every step on the way

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What makes Likvido different?

Likvido integrates seamlessly with your bank and preferred accounting software to create one easy-to-use, on-the-go platform for your business’s finances.

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Accounting software

Outsourced bookkeeper

Simple onboarding

With zero learning curve, you’ll be up and running in no time

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Easy and effortless

Automate tasks you usually
complete manually

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Real-time analytics

Ingoing & outgoing payments are shown in real-time

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Integrated payments

Pay bills directly on your phone

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Flexibility and control

Manage permissions and improve your existing workflows

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Financial admin made easy from £75 per month.

Spend more time smiling and less time stressing over paperwork.